Spanish Lessons / Clases de Español

There are 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world!

Can you name all of these countries by identifying their flags?

Patricia Gandara

Why you should choose Spanish >

Learning a second language is important, but learning Polish is a gateway to understanding a beautiful culture.

Fun to learn

Refresh your Spanish and build your confidence in a second language

Practice conversation with a native speaker

Gain the level of understanding to be able to converse with others in Spain or South America

We love to learn about all the different celebrations in Poland.

Here we are showing off our amazing

Mother's Day cards.

Our students always get excited about

Valentine's Day.

Here they are making posters and cards. 

They sure know how to share the love.

Celebrating Poland's Independence Day

is a very important event for us and our students.

Every year we have a variety of activities to celebrate.