Individuals Summer Discount

Discounted Summer Trip for Individuals

Trinity Language Centre (TLC) is happy to announce it is now offering it's individual Trinity Language Centre programme at a discount for two two week periods. The first period lasts from the 10th to the 24th of June, and the second lasts from the 9th to the 23rd of July, The offer includes all that is normally included in our Trinity Language programme, such as accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a transfer service from either Liverpool or Manchester airport, English lessons, outings to nearby destinations, ‘’Living English’’ sessions and other activities. See below for an outline itinerary!

Day 1 - Monday

Students arrive in Manchester or Liverpool airports in the morning, and arrive at Trinity Language Centre in Llandudno in the afternoon. When they arrive, they are given an introduction to the town centre and the language centre, and are given time to move into the new accommodation.

In the evening, the students have a relaxed social time in Trinity House's social area, and get rested ready for the busy week ahead.

Day 2 - Tuesday

The students start the day off with a healthy breakfast, and spend the morning in an English language cookery workshop, where they must use and improve both their teamwork and English skills to make one of a variety of local cakes, which they then get to eat with their lunch.

Following this busy morning and lunch, the students spend the afternoon on a guided tour of Conwy's medieval city walls, with an optional visit to the castle, all through the medium of English. The evening is spent in a ''Living English'' session, where the children sing Karaoke in English at Trinity House.

Following breakfast, the students have a lesson that takes place walking around the local Mostyn art gallery, followed by an exciting afternoon of watersports in nearby Colwyn Bay. All through the medium of English of course!

The evening is filled with relaxed social time, giving the students time to recuperate from the watersports, but still immersing them in English.

Day 3 - Wednesday

Day 4 - Thursday

After breakfast, the students are in a lesson that takes places on Llandudno's Alice in Wonderland trail. Here, the children can learn a little about the history and literature that surrounds Llandudno, as well as enjoy the fresh air.

After lunch, the students are taken to the nearby great Orme country park, where they will reach the summit, and take a ride back into town on the historic tram system.

That evening, as part of the ''Living English'' time, the students are taken crabbing, where they find and collect crabs on the nearby shore.

On Friday, the students spend the entire day at Crocky Adventure trail in Chester, where they exercise, have fun, talk in English and picnic, until they return to Llandudno for dinner and an evening of socialising in English at Trinity House

Day 6 - Friday

The students spend the morning in lessons on Saturday morning, followed by an afternoon spent in Bodafon Country Farm with the animals. In the evening, the student's ''Living English'' session takes place on a leisurely walk to West Shore's Heulfre gardens - weather permitting.

Day 7 - Saturday

Sunday is a day of rest, and the students are given the day to explore and shop in Llandudno and recuperate after the busy week.

In the evening, the students are treated to a ''Living English'' cinema experience at Trinity House.

Day 8 - Sunday

In the morning, the students are in English lessons with our professional and fun teachers. After this, and a quick lunch, the students are taken out for an afternoon of team-building sports at our local football club - Llandudno FC.

In the evening, the students are again in Trinity house for social time.

Day 9 - Monday

During the morning, the students are at a different sporting venue; our local sports park, for a mixture between English lessons and sports. This is followed by an afternoon in Colwyn Bay Zoo, and a relaxed evening of Living English.

Day 10 - Tuesday

Day 11 - Wednesday

In the morning, the students are taken to Go Below, a cave system and slate mine filled with trampolines in nearby Snowdonia national park, and spend the afternoon in other locations around the vast and beautiful national park, such as Aberfalls, Aber Goch plunges and the Carneddau range.

The evening is filled with crabbing as an activity at the local beach, all in English.

The students spend the morning in a guided tour of Llandudno town museum, where they can practice their English in discussion of history. This is followed by an afternoon visit to nearby Bangor University, a large and prestigious university in Wales.

Day 12 - Thursday

On Friday, the students are taken to the nearby roman town of Chester, where they can use their English to navigate around the town and its historic walls, cathedral and ampitheatre, as well as dress up in historic costumes.

The evening has a living English session on West-Shore and Heulfre gardens.

Day 13 - Friday

On Saturday, the students are taken for their morning English lessons in the countryside, where they can learn English in a natural and relaxed setting. In the afternoon, they visit Llanberis Slate mines, a local historical attraction in Snowdonia national park, followed by an evening of Living English cinema.

Day 14 - Saturday

Day 15 - Sunday

As this Sunday is the last day for the students here in Llandudno, they are given the day off to rest and explore Llandudno, buy souvenirs for their family, and say goodbye to the friends they made during their stay.


In the evening, there is a last disco with a DJ, and the students get ready for their trip to the airport, and back home, in the morning 

*all events are liable to change in order or availability due to various things such as weather. We will try our hardest to fulfill them.