Polish Lessons / Lekcje Polskiego

Polish is a major European language and the second largest in the Slavonic language family. Poland boasts more than a millennium of recorded history in the heart of Europe. Poles rightly pride themselves on their outstanding cultural and literary achievements. After almost thirty years of breathtaking changes and reforms following the end of Communism, Poland and Central Europe as a whole are again distinctly dynamic and diverse. Knowledge of a less commonly taught language is a distinct resource for further study and professional purposes.

Zaneta Szmit

Why you should choose Polish >

Learning a second language is important, but learning Polish is a gateway to understanding a beautiful culture.

Easier to learn than other Slavic languages

Second biggest Slavic language with over 44 million speakers

Poland is a gateway to other Slavic languages

It is both familiar and exotic

We love to learn about all the different celebrations in Poland.

Here we are showing off our amazing

Mother's Day cards.

Our students always get excited about

Valentine's Day.

Here they are making posters and cards. 

They sure know how to share the love.

Celebrating Poland's Independence Day

is a very important event for us and our students.

Every year we have a variety of activities to celebrate.