St. David’s College is an internationally recognised secondary school established in 1965 and situated in Llandudno, North Wales - in view of the foothills of Snowdonia national park. The campus is made up of a variety of buildings dating from the 16th century, such as the main building, Gloddaeth Hall, previously the seat of the Mostyn family, all the way to more modern additions. This provides a historical and encouraging atmosphere for the students of St David’s College.


Trinity Language Centre is proud to announce that we have entered into a working collaboration agreement with this historical and prestigious institution. We are looking forward very much to working together so that both the students of Trinity Language Centre and St David’s College can benefit from the shared resources and experience that this partnership can offer.


Trinity Language Centre will whenever possible take its students on a prearranged tour of the estate and its historic buildings. During the tour, students will have the opportunity to get a real feel for the culture, traditions, history and ‘day to day’ life in general on the campus and in the surrounding area.


We also have created a working partnership with the teachers and assistants at St David’s College to create numerous short workshops for our residential students to participate in. These workshops will help develop the students’ English language skills and confidence alongside the resident college students. Some of the these will include an introduction to domestic science, various sports activities and team building exercises. There will also be an opportunity to engage with their native-speaking peers in specially arranged interactive English language tutorials, where the emphasis will be directly focused on developing the students’ conversational English language skills in a formal environment.


This short but rewarding programme arranged by Trinity Language Centre and St David’s College will ensure that all the participating students will receive a unique insight into life at a private residential education college here in the UK, then return home with a new insight and perspective on the education system that is on offer here in beautiful North Wales.


Once a student has completed a short introductory programme at the college, they may wish to attend a longer course with Trinity Language Centre and St David’s College.


Residential courses can be arranged upon request, these can be from 1 to 3 terms in length (1 term is equal to around 6 weeks). This will depend on the requirements of the student wishing to attend. For more information on residential programmes at St David’s College, please contact us, we will be delighted to discuss your requirements.