Training Courses

Here at Trinity, we host several interesting and exciting courses throughout the year. On this page, you will find all the relevant information for any upcoming courses that will be hosted in Trinity.

Teaching English “out of school” in the UK

Bring your study-abroad experience back to school! Build your student’s conversational skills and confidence. Learn how to plan an English language student experience abroad!

In this course you will:

• Improve your own English language skills

• Discuss your professional role as a coordinator of an excursion abroad as an English teacher  

• Develop your own portfolio of  learning materials in a variety of formats

• Understand the student needs and  expectations

• Develop your own leadership skills 

The course details


Where? Llandudno, Wales

How much? 15 hour Course: 350€                             Accommodation: 945€

What’s included?

Transfer to/from Liverpool or Manchester airport, food and accommodation, day outing to Chester

Next event

to be arranged